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Get your KWIK TRIP prepaid cards from the Center!

Buy a gas card from our business office and the center receives a 10% donation from each card purchased!  If you buy a $20 card, you get $20 in gas plus the center receives a $2 donation.   Buy a $50 card and you get $50 in value, plus the center receives a $5 donation.  Do you buy gas? or pick up milk and other items at KWIK TRIP?  Why not use a prepaid card that you buy from us!  Stop by and get your KWIK TRIP card at our business office today!

It all adds up.  If we sell $5000 in Kwik Trip cards, the center receives a $500 donation!  This is an awesome fundraising opportunity that Kwik Trip offers.  

Stock up for your gas needs, and get some as gifts for friends and family!  THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT



Take Action!  Shop for a Cause at Macy’s!
Help raise money for your favorite cause . . . The Rochester Senior Center
Purchase a $5 Savings Pass, shop at Macy’s the same as you normally would . . . and SAVE 25% all day on Saturday, August 23!
Best of all, the Rochester Senior Center will keep 100% of every shopping pass it sells to raise for programming.
Every member is encouraged to purchase and sell.
Member Activities/ Groups*

Why Sell?
For every $5 you earn for the Center, your name will be entered into a random drawing for a $50 Gift Card.
Senior Center
Groups* are eligible to earn FREE money! For every $250 a Group sells in Savings Passes, the Center will give $50 to the Group for programming needs! (IE: Copying fees, food, a special event, prizes, etc.)

See your “Group Leader” or the Business Office for more details or to acquire your Savings Pass!