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Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg

Abraham_Lincoln_November_1863Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg

Tuesday, October 13, 10 am
Presenting: Dale Blanshan
November 19 marks the anniversary of the Gettysburg address, one of the greatest speeches in American History.  In this program, with the help of documents, stories, and photographs from the 1860’s, we explore the Battle of Gettysburg, from the circumstances that led to it, to its conclusion with Pickett’s famous charge.  We’ll follow Abraham Lincoln to Gettysburg, where he had been invited to follow the two hour speech of noted orator Edward Everett with a few remarks in dedication of the new cemetery.  I’ll be in period costume for this one, to give the address in person! Free, no RSVP required, all ages and public welcome.

Memory Screening

181156970-1024x1024Memory Screening

Tuesdays from 10 am to Noon, starting September 15

The Rochester Senior Center will be offering memory

screenings through the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

on Tuesdays from 10 am to Noon. Memory screenings are

an important first step towards determining if you may

have a memory problem; however, they are not used to

diagnose any illness and do not replace a consultation with

a qualified healthcare professional. Appointments will be

available every half hour and can be made by calling the

Rochester Senior Center at (507)287-1404. The screening

is free, open to all ages and the general public.

Warning Signs of Dementia

  • Trouble with new memories
  • Relying on memory helpers
  • Trouble finding words
  • Misplacing familiar objects
  • Making bad decisions
  • Personality changes
  • Struggling to complete familiar actions
  • Confusion about time, place or people
  • Onset of new depression or irritability
  • Loss of interest in important responsibilities
  • Seeing or hearing things
  • Expressing false beliefs

Biking Schedule

5812-autumn-bike-nature-hd-wallpaperBiking Schedule

2 Groups (Slower, less than 10 mph and Faster, more than 20mph)

Every Wednesday, Leisurely Rides. Helmet required.  All skills invited, not a race.

For more information, call the group leader: Nancy, 507-412-3153


October 7
10 am Start
Leaving from the playground parking lot at Soldier’s Field, near the Golf Shop to Quarry Hill, 6 miles
October 14

10 am Start

Leaving from the Senior Center, riding to Mayowood, 8 miles
October 21
10 am Start
Leaving from the playground parking lot at Soldier’s Field, near the Golf Shop to Cascade (12 miles)
October 28
10 am Start
Leaving from White Oak Park, on 55th Street.   Across from the Greens.                To Pine Island (26 miles) or Douglas (9 miles)


Special Showing of “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me”

Special Showinglenng of “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me”

Tuesday, October 6, 1 pm

2014 PG Rated PG 104 mins

When country music giant Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2011, he chose to make his condition public. He then began his farewell tour — a remarkable musical journey chronicled in this affecting documentary. Come join us for this beautiful, funny, inspiring film about music superstar Glen Campbell’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease before and though out his sold-out “Goodbye Tour.”

All members welcome, free will donation suggested.



October Monday Movies (Resilience Themed!)


Monday Movie Matinee

1 pm, suggested donation of $2, popcorn, members only.

See the Business Office for more information on the Movies, can also be found on the website.

An R-rated motion picture may include adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements. Please use your discretion – attending is optional. Motion Picture License 50386602

October 12: The Longest Ride
2015 PG-13Rated 128 mins
Told via concurrent stories that ultimately converge, this adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel follows an old man consoled by reminiscences of his late wife as he’s trapped after a car crash, and a young couple falling in love in a nearby town.

October 19: The Blind Side
2009 PG-13 Rated 126 mins
In this drama based on a true story, affluent couple Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy take in Michael, a homeless teenager. Leigh Anne helps him catch up academically and nurtures his growth into a football powerhouse.

October 26: The Pursuit of Happiness
2006 PG-13 Rated 117 mins
Chris Gardner is smart and talented, but his dead-end salesman job barely pays the bills. When he and his son are evicted, they face trying times as a desperate Chris accepts an unpaid internship at a stock brokerage firm.

October Autumn Nature Walks


October 8
Root River Park, 10 am

Meeting in Parking Lot
Carpooling from Center at 9:30 am

October 22
Essex Park, 10 am

Meeting in Main Parking Lot


Yes! We Will Have a New Name!

Yes! We Will Have a New Name

On June 23rd the membership of the Center was introduced to the name of the new center.  On July 7th at the groundbreaking event, the community was introduced to our future name that we will adopt when we move to our new home at 125 Elton Hills Drive.

Why a New Name?

When it comes to image and perception, research proves that an organization’s name is crucial.  The decision to rename senior centers is happening at hundreds of senior centers across the country.  Many have examined the issue and have changed their names.  A study  of over 200 senior centers by the National Institute for Senior Centers (NISC) in 2005 found over 60% were in favor of changing their name from senior center, and said the term “senior center” doesn’t serve them well any longer.  Why? Because baby boomers can’t relate to it.   The title “senior center” doesn’t adequately reflect the high activity level found in centers, and it makes it difficult to market centers to younger seniors.  Directors report that “there’s a negative image or stigma associated with the senior center name,” and that “it suggests a stereotypical view of people sitting around in a wheelchair playing cards”.  However, it should be noted that older individuals, typically over age 80 are fine with being a “senior” or “senior citizen” feeling they have earned the name.  “It’s younger people (baby boomers) who are the ones that have the problem, not older people”.

Why 125 LIVE?

Our goal in rebranding and renaming was to ensure all individuals 60 and over would feel comfortable and welcome at our new home.  Moving to a new center was the perfect opportunity to do so.  It was important to create a name that wasn’t driven by age, but was focused on building community through common interests.   The goal was to create a unique, all-inclusive, energetic, modern, and ageless name and logo.  Our renaming process was driven by the board of directors who instructed a committee to achieve the goals set before them with the assistance of a consulting firm.  After brainstorming hundreds of names, hours of research, group discussions, utilizing the process of elimination, and examining market research, the name was selected.  From there the logo was formed.  Why 125?  Numbers are memorable.  It is our new address:  125 Elton Hills Dr.  Why LIVE?  Live rhymes with 5.  Again, memorable, easy to remember.  It’s short and easy.  LIVE evokes the feeling of energy, activity, vitality, and life.    The circle provides a feeling of connectedness, a center point, a gathering, a group, a destination.  The logo also was selected because it is clean, modern, easy to read, it’s friendly, energetic, and full of life.

How Will People Know it’s a Place for Older Adults?

Our logo will be used with pictures and images of older adults to ensure people understand what 125 LIVE is.  We will use taglines like “Center for Active Adults”, “Active Enrichment Center” or “Enriching our Active Community” with pictures and images to ensure it is clear that we serve active older adults.

It may take a while to get the hang of the new name, but I know once you step through the doors to our new center, you will feel the energy, vision, and sense of community that IS 125 Live!


Ground Breaking Event!!!!!

New Senior Center Ground Breaking Event Photos




The event was held on Tuesday, July 7th at 10:30 am

The Center’s new home address is 125 Elton Hills Drive NW, Rochester.
Our new home will directly connect to the Rec. Center (21 Elton Hills Drive).



The fastest growing sport in America is especially popular for Seniors as it is played on a smaller court (the size of a badminton court).  It is played with a paddle (larger than a ping pong paddle) and a whiffle ball.  The balls are furnished, and there are paddles to use. We welcome NEW players!

The schedule is posted on RochesterPickleball.com.

**Nice weather: all play is at Cooke Park and free.

Play times are: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings:  9 to 11:15 am

Free Clinics every Thursday:  7 to 9 pm, along with regular play.

Sunday Night: 4 to 6 pm

**Inclement Weather: Recreation Center Gym

Daily Fee: $4 or a 14 count punch card is available for purchase for $40 (averages out to $2.86 each time.


Wear comfortable clothes and non-marking shoes. Balls are furnished, and there are always extra paddles. Call Jan for further questions at 507-319-4695

Senior Center Project – CURRENT STATUS


As we begin 2015, there is a lot of excitement in the air! Design for the project and construction documents are complete. The task of finding a contractor begins this week with a process called RFP – Request for Proposal.  Assuming this goes well, we anticipate shovels “hitting the dirt” in late March or early April! We are told that the build process will take anywhere from 12 – 18 months, so the “Big Move” is anticipated for late summer or early autumn of 2016.

We are continuing to assess providers for two very important components of the new facility: the Cafe AND the Wellness/Fitness center. We know both areas will be vibrant and welcome additions to our programming and enriching the lives of our members.

The committee that started working on the design for the building that we own next door, that we often refer to as the Podein Building, is continuing their work.  We are really hoping this can be a multi-purpose building, with a great woodworking shop, but also offering a bike shop, as well as a storage/working shop for our big fundraising activities where we need to organize donated items.  Currently, Birdie Logue and her crew of volunteers have worked wonders to transform it into a site for periodic rummage sales. Thanks guys!

Finally, and very importantly, we are near completion of our Capital Campaign Plans—this is a critical part of the project for us as we will be raising funds to furnish the building.  Your support in the campaign will be instrumental to our success as we prepare to fill the building with fixtures, furnishings, and equipment.  Our goal is $2.5M. Expect to see more about this very soon.

(Click on the photos below for a larger view!)

View from the South  New Center South Entrance

                                       View from the West                                                                   View from the North

New Center North EntranceNew Center West View